High School Musical - 2 (2022)

Book by David Simpatico: Songs by Matthew Gerrard and Robbie Nevil and David N. Lawrence and Faye Greenberg and Randy Petersen and Kevin Quinn and Jamie Houston and Andy Dodd and Adam Watts
Based on the Disney Channel Original Movie written by Peter Barsocchini


It's the last day of junior year, and the East High gang can't wait to get the summer started.

Things have been smooth sailing for Troy and Gabriella since their star turn in Juliet and Romeo, but Sharpay vows to win Troy's heart this summer - by any means necessary.

With all of the Wildcats desperate for cash, Troy gets a surprise phone call that work has arrived! At the Lava Springs Country Club, owned by the Evans family, Sharpay revels in her summer kingdom, surrounded by the club staff and her adoring "Sharpettes".The celebration is cut short when not only Troy, but the entire Wildcats gang, shows up for duty! Mr. Fulton, the assistant club manager, assigns them jobs, starting with cleaning up the kitchen. Sharpay arranges for Troy to caddy on the golf course for Mr. Evans, who teaches him a few lessons about success. Since Mr. Evans heads the local college scholarship committee, Troy agrees to sing with Sharpay in the club talent show.

In the dining room on her break, Kelsi plays a song she wrote for Troy and Gabriella. Among the Wildcats now, Troy gets swept up into the excitement of the song and despite his promise to Sharpay, agrees to sing it with them for the employee number in the talent show. Fulton informs Troy that he's been promoted to assistant golf pro, which comes with honorary membership status and an extreme makeover.

In the midst of his new job and practises with the college basketball team, he begins neglecting his friends. During rehearsal for Ryan and Sharpay's talent show number, we discover that Sharpay has secretly replaced Ryan with... Troy. Emotions explode, friendships disintegrate, numbers are pulled from the talent show, and Troy is left with only one ally - Sharpay.

During the second week at Lava Springs, Troy rehearses Kelsi's revamped song with Sharpay and the Sharpettes.

At the staff baseball game, the Wildcats are missing their team leader, but Gabriella recruits a new ninth man - Ryan. The dubious Chad challenges "dancer boy" Ryan, who not only gets Chad to dance, but helps the Wildcats win the game. Now officially part of the team, Ryan teaches the gang a new number for the talent show. Sharpay, feeling her Star Dazzle Award under siege, directs Fulton to yank the employees from the talent show. This is the last straw for Gabriella, who confronts Sharpay, quits her job, and breaks up with Troy.

A few days later, the confused and heartbroken Troy confides in Coach Bolton about his dilemma. Backstage at the Fourth of July Talent Show, Troy decides to set things straight. He gets his old job back from Fulton (who then quits), tells Sharpay that as an employee he can't sing with her, and apologises to the Wildcats. Finally seeing the error of her ways, Sharpay arranges for Gabriella to come back and sing with Troy and for Ryan to do his number with the Wildcats, earning him the Star Dazzle Award.

Now reconciled, the entire company celebrates the summer.

Musical Numbers

  1. Prologue / Countdown
  2. What Time Is It?
  3. What Time Is It? (reprise)
  4. Fabulous
  5. Work This Out
  6. You Are the Music In Me
  7. Fabulous (Troy's Transformation)
  8. Humuhumunukunukuapua's
  9. Act One Finale
  10. You Are the Music In Me (Rock Version)
  11. I Don't Dance
  12. Fabulous (Sharpay's Triumph)
  13. Gotta Go My Own Way
  14. Bet On It
  15. Every Day
  16. All For One (Finale)
  17. Megamix (bows)


  • BLOSSOM, VIOLET, and PEACHES - the “Sharpettes” – three Sharpay-wannabes; teen socialites who provide both social and musical back-up to Sharpay.
  • CHAD DANFORTH: basketball star, second in command to Troy ; saving money to buy a car so he can take Taylor to the drive-in movies; gets a job at the country club, but gets all the dirty jobs, while Troy is treated like royalty.
    C3 - A4 (Tenor)
  • COACH BOLTON: stern basketball coach and Troy’s dad; proud of his championship team and urges them to stick together this summer; sees his son being led down the wrong path by his old rival, Mr. Evans.
  • GABRIELLA MONTEZ: new girl in school; pretty, shy, the smartest girl in the Southwest; possesses a fantastic voice when she sings with Troy; hired as a lifeguard at the country club and expects to have the best summer of her life with her new friends; in for a rude awakening as Sharpay tries to steal Troy away from her.
    F#3 - E5 (Alto / Soprano with good low register)
  • JACK SCOTT: "techno nerd" school announcer; socially awkward, but becomes the "Velvet Fog of Eastside High" once he's behind a microphone; has a crush on Kelsi; hired to make bland announcements at the country club, but is closely monitored by Fulton.
  • KELSI NIELSEN: diminutive musical genius; wants to write the great American musical for Troy and Gabby; hired to play the Barry Manilow songbook during meals at the country club; gets sucked into Sharpay’s plans against her will.
    A3 - E5 (Alto)
  • MARTHA COX: member of the Science Club; fun-loving "side-kick" personality; loves hip-hop dancing; becomes adoring devotee of Gabriella; one of the gang; hired to cut onions at the country club.
    C4 - E5 (Alto / Soprano)
  • MR. EVANS: Sharpay and Ryan’s dad; super-rich mogul; owns the country club; slick, handsome, gets what he wants; played ball with Troy’s dad back in high school; spoils his daughter and ignores his son. [NOTE: Mr. Evans is played by the same actor who plays Coach Bolton.]
  • MR. FULTON: Sharpay's henpecked hatchet man; Assistant Manager at the country club, dreams of being General Manager someday; a meticulous control freak, never without his stopwatch and boatswain’s whistle; a nice guy underneath the authoritarian surface; hates having to cater to Sharpay’s demands, but he has a mortgage to pay.
  • RYAN EVANS: Sharpay’s fraternal twin and a star in the making; loves singing, dancing and attention; follows Sharpay’s orders, but wants to break free from her shadow; he and Sharpay have a falling out and he joins the Wildcats to try and beat his sister for the Star Dazzle Award.
    D3 - A4 (Tenor)
  • SHARPAY EVANS: beautiful, egocentric star of the school musicals; Ryan’s older twin and the alpha dog of the two; has a mad crush on Troy and will stop at nothing to get what she wants; looking forward to a summer by the pool at her dad’s country club and to stealing Troy away from Gabriella.
    G3 - E5 (Alto)
  • TAYLOR MCKESSIE: head brainiac of the school and president of the Science Club; Chad’s girlfriend; hired as Fulton’s assistant and tries to warn Gabby and Chad about Sharpay’s plans to get Troy over to the dark side.
    G3 - E5 (Alto)
  • TROY BOLTON: good-looking teen dreamboat, star of the basketball team and school icon; loves to sing with Gabriella; obsessed with getting a summer job and nailing a full basketball scholarship; hired at the country club because of Sharpay’s plot to steal him away from Gabriella.
    D3 - A4 (Tenor)
  • ZEKE BAYLOR: basketball jock who loves to cook top-notch cuisine; has a crush on Sharpay, who dumps him in the first scene; gets a job assisting the chef at the country club; vows to win back Sharpay by sending her pastries.
    Eb3 - A4 (Tenor)


Rehearsal Set:






  • GUITAR 1
  • GUITAR 2

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