Kimi ni wa Todokanai. (2023)

Kimi ni wa Todokanai. is an ongoing manga written and illustrated by Mika. First released in 2018, it has been serialized in Gene pixiv, and published by Media Factory.


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The differences between Yamato and Kakeru couldn't be more obvious. Yamato gets good grades, while Kakeru's are less than average. And while Yamato is very attractive, Kakeru's looks are perfectly average. Not a problem—unless you're in love with your childhood best friend…How in the world can Kakeru make Yamato look at him when Yamato is completely out of his league?! I Can't Reach You is a sweet boys' love series, one that tells the tale of a budding romance between two friends with a well paced slice-of-life story.


Ashiya Kakeru[]

Kimi ni wa Todokanai. (1)

In year 2, class 6, Kakeru snaps for others to shut up for their comments on his test scores. Suddenly thinking of Yamato, he is happy to call to him outside upon locating him even with it clear he is in the middle of something. Falling asleep in remedial class, when Yamato arrives, Kakeru speaks that he is like a god to him right now. Thinking of him as so nice for taking the time to help someone like him, Kakeru considers Yamato a really amazing person, with thoughts on how it is true he is kind of hot. Shocked that Yamato would turn someone down, Kakeru speaks how he thought it was nice that someone besides himself noticed how great Yamato is as a person. Speaking how they are childhood friend yet it would be great if Yamato could make other ones, Kakeru does not think it is healthy to have no other friends aside from himself. From his reaction after asking if he has someone he likes, Kakeru follows up by adding Yamato does not have to say if he does not want to. Just wondering if he can help him with it or something, Kakeru thinks he would be really surprised if Yamato did have someone he likes. Not clear on what Yamato thinks after his name was said, Kakeru finds himself wondering further about him.

Oohara Yamato[]

Kimi ni wa Todokanai. (2)

Appearing sullen, and not talking much, Yamato does answer normally when spoken to. Finding Kakeru, he speaks for him to not fall asleep when he is in the remedial class. Having come since he figured Kakeru would be tearing his hair our right now trying to solve problems by himself, Yamato says to let him take a look. When Kakeru questions whether Fujiwara confessed to him, his answer is are they not having remedial right now and is what he is asking related to this. Nevertheless sharing that he rejected her, Yamato mentions that he already has Kakeru. Where the topic of him sharing if he does have someone he likes arises, Yamato keeps his silence until repeating Kakeru's name without elaborating on what he means. Rising, Yamato is sorry that it is time for his job, but feels Kakeru will not have a problem with the rest of his questions. Noticing that Kakeru is watching him, Yamato checks whether he is okay where he does pay attention to him.


A teacher who in returning papers from the recent pop quiz details how this class' average is 69 points, while the highest score is 98. Any students that have below the score of 40 are required to stay back for remedial.

Kakeru's Friend (1)[]

Asking Kakeru how many times he has been forced to stay for remedial, he comments he is like a regular visitor. Shocked to see a girl he likes talking to Yamato, he is also of the view that Kakeru and Yamato are an unexpected combo. Having never seen Yamato smile, he deems him as someone difficult to get close to, and honestly he finds his standoffish attitude a bit hard to handle.

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Kakeru's Friend (2)[]

He laughs at Kakeru's quiz score and how it is too pathetic. Surprised that Kakeru would call to Yamato, he states it was clearly a situation of a girl revealing her feelings. Wondering how he should put this, he comments Kakeru and Yamato belong in two completely different worlds.


A girl from class 4 whose name is known by Kakeru's friends, who assume she had revealed her intimate feelings with Yamato. This was the case, yet her feelings were not accepted.


A pain that is neither a longing or nostalgia is felt to not be able to reach the recipient in mind. After the teacher Murayama details the pop quiz scores the class took, Kakeru sees his result. While two friends laugh at Kakeru's score and comment how he attends remedial sessions, he then thinks of their classmate, Oohara Yamato. Looking outside the window, they observe Yamato himself being spoken to by a girl. After Kakeru announces he is sorry he cannot hang out today as he has remedial, his two friends nearby point out he was clearly in the middle of having Fujiwara share her feelings for him.

Kakeru's friends are also surprised that he and Yamato would hang out together, it comes down to their different personalities, grades, and appearances. By himself wondering what his looks have got to do with it, Kakeru then hears from Murayama that he is the only one left in class. When Kakeru enquires who had the highest test score, Murayama answers it was Yamato. Thinking about what his friends said, Kakeru agrees to himself that Yamato's appearance and outward bearing are not exactly inviting, but he is absolutely not the person that everyone had imagined.

Kimi ni wa Todokanai. (3)

Where Kakeru has fallen asleep, Yamato enters the classroom and wakes him up. Asking where the teacher is, Yamato hears he went to the maths lab. Asked if he came because he forget something, Yamato replies no, he thought Kakeru would have difficulties trying to solve the problems. On how he knew, where the answer is because he is his childhood friend, Yamato offers to help with Kakeru's work. Considering him, Kakeru contemplates how Yamato's usual expressions lead to misunderstandings but this is because he is an introvert and shy around strangers.

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With thoughts turning to how Yamato is kind of hot, even if he is a childhood friend, Kakeru wonders why can't everyone in the class understand him. After Yamato questions whether he is listening, Kakeru raises whether Fujiwara confessed to him today. Addressing its relevance to the remedial they are having, Yamato still imparts that he rejected her and they have not spoken since. Kakeru speaks how he is glad that someone would recognize how great Yamato is. Yamato answers that he already has him. What Kakeru means is in the end he is his childhood friend yet he hopes everyone can get along with him.

When Kakeru states he thinks it would be great if Yamato is able to make some other friends or even have a girlfriend, he notes his silence. Asking if Yamato has someone he likes, Kakeru then clarifies that he does not have to tell him if he does not want to. Guessing that Yamato does not have someone since he never said anything about it, Kakeru finds Yamato repeating his name and wonders what he is trying to say. Needing to go to his job, Yamato does not feel Kakeru will have a problem with the rest of his test. It is nearing quarter past five on the clock as Yamato departs, where he knew it would turn out like this.

By himself, Kakeru's hand trembles as he thinks how that freaked him out. Feeling Yamato was saying something misleading before his suddenly left, Kakeru thinks he misunderstood there for a moment.[1]


On the train, Kakeru watches Yamato

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  1. Chapter 1

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