Ranking every song from High School Musical (2022)

Ranking every song from High School Musical (1)

Mary Clarke

September 5, 2022 8:01 am ET

If you can believe it,High School Musicalis nearly 20 years old now. I know, it feels just like yesterday the original premiered on Disney Channel and the world was never the same.

Back in 2006, High School Musical made musical theatre cool again. The explosive popularity of the three films are what inspired shows like Glee and Smashand turned actors such as Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, and Ashley Tisdale into household names.

One of the main reasonsHigh School Musical continues to have staying power in the hearts and minds of millennials everywhere is its music. Had it not been for the franchise’s iconic tracks, the movies would have been forgotten a long time ago.

And yet, which songs are the best of the best? It’s time to decide as we rank all the songs fromHigh School Musical, from worst to first.


Humuhumunukunukuapua'a (High School Musical 2)

Listen, at least this song gave us that meme image of Efron looking very unhappy in a flower crown and lei.

high school musical 2 (2007) / midsommar (2019) pic.twitter.com/ooDuCQfZQA

— 🌙 (@bilrac) October 1, 2019


Walk Away (High School Musical 3: Senior Year)

I don’t mind Hudgens’ vocal performances in these movies compared to some, but I just don’t find this song memorable given the other songs she sings.


Right Here, Right Now (High School Musical 3: Senior Year)

Okay I’ll say it: Troy and Gabriella get one too many duets with one another, especially in High School Musical 3: Senior Year.I get their relationship is the crux of the series but they tried one too many times to recapture the magic of “Breaking Free” and “Start of Something New” for my taste.


Can I Have This Dance? (High School Musical 3: Senior Year)

See above, but at least the choreography and visuals are on point.


High School Musical (High School Musical 3: Senior Year)

If it’s not clear by now,High School Musical 3: Senior Year did not live up to the musical heights of its predecessors. Still, “High School Musical” is a fine enough track to send off its main cast with and even brings back some quality nostalgia in its final moments.


Just Wanna Be with You (High School Musical 3: Senior Year)

This song would have been much better as a Ryan and Kelsi duet, honestly. Let someone else besides Troy and Gabriella have the spotlight!


You Are the Music in Me (Reprise) (High School Musical 2)

The original version of this song is miles better (sorry Sharpay, but you have much better songs later) and yet the physical comedy — and visible confusion — Efron pulls off here makes it an enjoyable watch.


Now or Never (High School Musical 3: Senior Year)

“Now Or Never” may not be the best song about basketball in this franchise, but man those production values are so much higher than the original movie. Yes, the Troy and Gabriella duet is still cheesy to this day, but that’s musical theatre, baby!


The Boys Are Back (High School Musical 3: Senior Year)

What’s better than this? Guys being dudes. Seriously though, Efron and Corbin Bleu must have had a fun time filming this song, which harkens back to the good old days of playing make-believe with your buddies.


When There Was Me and You (High School Musical)

I can’t hate a good power ballad. It’s a pretty simplistic one, but it gets the job done.


What I've Been Looking For (Reprise) (High School Musical)

While this is a great, slowed down reprise of the original that makes more sense as an emotional duet, it doesn’t even come close to Ryan and Sharpay’s jaunty take on the song.


A Night to Remember (High School Musical 3: Senior Year)

The costume department really got a workout in this song. The dramatic turntables, set design, and neat shot framing are the most memorable things about “A Night to Remember” though I do like the chorus quite a bit.


I Don't Dance (High School Musical 2)

There should be more dance offs in baseball, if I had my way. The 1-2-3 double play with the bases loaded is pretty sick too!


Work This Out (High School Musical 2)

OnlyHigh School Musical 2 could make kitchen duty look and sound fun.


Everyday (High School Musical 2)

I’m mesmerized by the way Troy and Gabriella’s hair dramatically blows in the breeze during this duet. The way the entire cast joins in at the end also is pretty special too.


What Time Is It? (High School Musical 2)

The quintessential school’s out for summer song! I love Chad’s “I majored in vacation” shirt and you’re all lying to yourself if you never tried that rollercoaster train move with your friends because of this track.


I Want It All (High School Musical 3: Senior Year)

Ryan and Sharpay finally get to be the main characters for one song in the entire franchise. And what a song it is! They really deserved to have more spotlight in these movies but at least their big final song is as bombastic and as glamorous as they were.


All for One (High School Musical 2)

It was every kid’s dream to have a pool party as cool as this one.High School Musical 2brought the summer vibes from start to finish and this song is as groovy of a sendoff as you get.


What I've Been Looking For (High School Musical)

Everybody loves a good jazz square! The audience’s first introduction to Ryan and Sharpay’s shenanigans is as hilarious as it gets. And yes, this is the superior version of the song, I will take no arguments.


Scream (High School Musical 3: Senior Year)

From the Inception-like visuals to the full male teen angst on display, “Scream” is a major guilty pleasure of mine. Troy’s really come a long way from the first movie and his anxieties finally manifest themselves in this incredible song.


Stick to the Status Quo (High School Musical)

It’s a shame the franchise went away from minor character ensemble songs like this in the sequels. “Stick to the Status Quo” nails the high school vibes, from the cafeteria hangouts to the cliques and gossip. It does a great job too of delivering character defining traits to the audience through song.


Gotta Go My Own Way (High School Musical 2)

Teenage breakups never sounded this good! Personally, this is my favorite Hudgens-led song, as she really came into her own music-wise by the timeHigh School Musical 2 released.


Bop to the Top (High School Musical)

“Bop to the Top” is such an iconic song. It’s upbeat, it’s catchy, and most importantly, it’s a bop! Where Troy and Gabriella bring the romantic duets, Ryan and Sharpay always deliver with the campy performances.


Start of Something New (High School Musical)

The song that started it all! This is as awkward of a meet-cute as you’ll get, but had Efron and Hudgens not nailed “Start of Something New” who knows where the franchise would be. It’s the perfect amount of saccharine mixed with earnestness that would come to define the High School Musical franchise until its end.


You Are the Music in Me (High School Musical 2)

“You Are the Music in Me” is the superior Troy and Gabriella duet song. Yes, you’ll have noticed one is still suspiciously missing from this list so far, but this song is quite wholesome and catchy in ways many of their other songs together don’t quite nail.


We're All in This Together (High School Musical)

Don’t lie, you still have the choreography to this song memorized. “We’re All in This Together” is probablyHigh School Musical‘s most recognizable song and for good reason. It’s an unstoppable earworm that still manages to make me smile even to this day.


Breaking Free (High School Musical)

While I believe “You Are the Music in Me” is Troy and Gabriella’s best duet, “Breaking Free” is whereHigh School Musical really comes together. The protagonists have finally let go of their inhibitions and have broken free of their expectations for the world to see. Plus, the power the song’s opening lyrics has over millennials cannot be understated.


Get'cha Head in the Game (High School Musical)

Incorporating basketballs into a dance break is inspired choreography, if I do say so myself. Sure, Efron may not have sung this song — that honor goes to Drew Seeley, whose singing voice was mixed in with Efron’s in the first movie — but the song has incredible staying power all these years later.


Fabulous (High School Musical 2)

Sharpay Evans is the original girl boss and don’t you forget it. Between the witty lyrics and impeccable shot framing — plus, a piano in the pool! — “Fabulous” is equally as fabulous as the character it describes.


Bet On It (High School Musical 2)

We could only aspire to have all our mental breakdowns in front of such a gorgeous vista. Besides being an absolute banger of a song, “Bet On It” has been incredible meme fuel since 2007. Yes, the song is super serious and integral to Troy’s arc as a character, but my god does Efron absolutely steal the scene with his emotional gesticulations and dramatic spins. Never will there be a song as iconic as this one ever again.

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